Welcome to Giles Photography & The Frame Works • Eau Claire, Wisconsin

I bought the portrait ... can't I make copies? No. You purchased the portrait, not the reproduction rights. If you purchase a video of The Titanic, you purchase just the private home viewing rights-you don't purchase the right to show it in a theatre for a fee, nor did you purchase reproduction and resale rights.

But it's a picture of MY son (or daughter, family, etc.) can't I copy it? Sorry, no. Under the copyright law, the author of the work retains all rights.

We have a personal website ... can we scan one of the portraits and post it there? This is illegal without our written permission. We do not routinely permit people to do this. But, if we do, there will be an additional fee and the image must carry a photo credit for our studio and a link to our website. You will need to discuss this personally with Tom.

Can I scan a portrait & E-mail it to a friend or relative? No. It circumvents the purchase of a photograph, which is the reason the copyright law is in effect.

I want to make announcements or greeting cards on my home computer. Is it OK if I scan one of the portraits and make my own announcements or cards? Again, the answer is no. This is illegal, and you can be fined for each infringement! If you make 50 announcements or cards, the possible penalty would be very expensive!

And in addition to all the legal stuff, it's just simply stealing from us. We work hard to make a living. Illegal copying makes it just that much harder and besides, it's just not nice. We appreciate your cooperation. Tom