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“Does my yearbook have any special requirements?” We try to keep in close contact with the yearbook advisor all year long to ensure that we know exactly what your yearbook requires. Double checking, however, doesn’t hurt. Most yearbooks prefer a head and shoulders photograph, and most are in color. Full length portraits really don't work well for the yearbook and we recommend you go with a waist up portrait or closer. To find out your yearbook’s exact requirements, give us a call.
“What do I do when I’m ready to order my portraits?” We recommend you order your senior portraits within seven days of picking up your digital album. Once you are ready to order, give us a call and set up an order appointment. We work by appointment only. Senior portrait season is our busiest time of the year and we want to make sure that both you and our other clients get all the attention they deserve. Half of your final order balance is required before your order will be put into the finishing process. For larger orders, we do offer a payment plan that might work for you.
“When will I get the final portraits back?” We average about four to five weeks to complete a senior order. We will notify you the minute they are ready to be picked up. Just remember, the later it gets in the summer, the longer turnaround takes. Come in early and ensure your portraits are ready for the first day of school! If you wait until after school starts to place your order, it could take longer because of the groups that we photograph at a number of high schools.
“What do I do when my portraits are ready?” We will call you as soon as your portraits are ready or send you a notification via mail. Please remember that we work by appointment for everything and that includes picking up your portraits. Without an appointment, you might show up in the middle of a session, or someone placing and order or Tom could be on location and unavailable. None of these are a good thing for any of us. So call first and set up a time to pick them up. No part of your order can be picked up without being paid for in full. Orders left at the studio for 30 days past your initial notification may be subject to a $3 per month storage fee. The studio will not be held responsible for orders left at the studio beyond 60 days.
“What if I want my order shipped to me?” If you would like your final order shipped you via UPS, please let us know. There is a $10 shipping and handling fee per shipping location. This fee also includes insurance. The order must be paid in full prior to shipping. If you are ordering wall portraits, the shipping may be higher. Also with the changes that are happening in our economy, shipping charges may also change. When you place your order, ask. We should be able to give you an exact cost.
“What if I get my final order back and there is something wrong with it?” Tell us! Please! We want you to love your senior portraits. Anything less is unacceptable. You do have the right to return or exchange your purchase. All you have to do is bring in everything you want replaced and we will take care of the rest. We want to make sure you are happy with your final product, so just be honest. We can only replace what you bring back, so if you have already given away half of your wallet portraits, we can't replace the one's you don't have anymore.
“What is all this copyright mumbo-jumbo?” The images you purchase are property of Giles Photography. The images are protected by the revised U.S. Copyright Statute of January 1, 1978 (Title 17 of the U.S. Code) and may not be copied (either photographically or on a copy machine), scanned, or reproduced in any way without written permission of the photographer. Permission is usually granted for reproduction in senior slide shows and graduation cakes. Permission to copy may be granted upon payment of a minimum copy charge of $500 per original image for any photographic reproduction. Illegal reproductions are punishable by federal law.
“But I bought it, it’s mine...right?” No. You purchased copies of the image. Giles Photography retains all rights to the original image and any reproduction of those images. I work very, very hard to create the very best portraits for you. I work hard and I work very long hours to make a living in photography. In addition to the legal stuff, it's just simply stealing from me. Illegal copying just makes it that much harder for me to make a living and besides, it's just not nice.
“What if I have more questions?” Your questions are important to us. We are available to answer your questions during our normal studio hours at 715.834.2993. We are usually available Tuesday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, except when I am with a client or on location. You can leave a message 24 hours a day or you can e-mail us at seniors@gilesphoto.com with any questions and we’ll be sure to get back to you!
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